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Our spectrum of services allows us to focus on the things that others often inadequately consider. Because we are convinced that the food processing facility of the future must be addressed holistically in order to ensure that its operations are truly sustainable. Our experience shows us very clearly that the most effective levers for guaranteeing the life-long economic and sustainable performance of a production facility are the careful analysis of its processes and technical plant, followed by integrated building design and realization.

As the leading consultants to food processing companies in Central Europe, we understand the challenges that your sector is facing. We work every day, alongside the building design experts of ATP architects engineers, to create the perfect harmonious balance between operational and constructional measures within energy-efficient, low-emission, and sustainable buildings. And in doing so we focus on both the economic and the ecological perspective: two aspects that are decisive for today’s food industry companies.

The components of our services


We guide you confidently throughout your entire building project – or, if you prefer, through specific individual phases.

Whether it is a new building or a refurbishment project. However far you want us to accompany you, we always do so sustainably, with intelligence and an understanding of your industry, and with a sense of responsibility to the future.


We understand before we plan.

By understanding every operational aspect of your situation – long before the constructional realization of your project – we can also intensely address your individual needs. In order to achieve the best outcome for you.


We analyze before we design.

This detailed analysis enables us to draw up a concept and jointly define your operational objectives. We recognize the bottlenecks and the hidden potential of your production process, develop sound decision-making tools, and create concrete measures for and with you.


We keep an eye on the details.

We carry out both the operational and the building planning on your behalf as well as organizing the tender process for the execution. We check the offers together with you and deliver you a solid basis for awarding contracts.


We make targeted plans for an efficient realization.

During the execution phase, we monitor the implementation of both the machinery and the building. Cost controls and contract management are automatic requirements if we want the realization to be efficient.


We also travel that last meter alongside you.

From the operational start, via the acceptance process for the machinery and the building, to the warranty management, we undertake everything that facilitates your smooth transition to your existing or expanded processing facility.

Your route to the CO2-neutral food factory

Sustainability is the key issue – also in the food industry.
The action plan of the EU Green Deal obliges companies to categorize their economic activities into sustainable and non-sustainable investments. The objective is to minimize financial risks and support the Europe-wide vision of CO2 neutrality in the shape of sustainable and resource-friendly buildings.

But when, how, and where exactly should one act?

We have intensely addressed these questions and drawn up a concrete roadmap for you together with our sister company for sustainable building, ATP sustain. Because the true potential for a CO2-neutral factory is not (only) found in its architecture or operation: The largest lever is hidden in its processes.

What does this mean for you in the context of climate protection?

We don’t only focus on recyclable and sustainable building structures, but also pay huge attention to minimizing the major sources of emissions and energy consumption, even during the process planning. The particularly significant influencing factors include

  • Process heating
  • Industrial cooling
  • Space heating
  • Ventilation
foodfab Nachhaltigkeit in der Lebensmittelindustrie

Relationship are built on trust

We at foodfab have been at home in your industry for many years. Hence, we feel truly comfortable when we succeed in building relationships with our clients that are based on trust and extend across generations. Because, for us, the value of cooperation takes center stage. And in the sensitive food sector we have been particularly successful over the years in sharing this value with our clients: Over 60 % of our turnover is generated by repeat orders from satisfied customers. We have grown strong together.

Such long-term partnerships are based on trust and a shared objective: lasting quality. And quality isn’t created by chance. It is the result of intense thought, huge effort, and close cooperation. We are aware that every product that leaves your factory has to meet the highest standards. And we make exactly the same demands on the plant and the buildings that support you in making these products.

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