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The food industry is becoming increasingly complex. A wide range of factors now determine whether your production facility is successful or otherwise: changing markets, technological progress, global competition, evolving customer needs.

If you want to make far-sighted decisions about this complexity at the right moment, it helps to get a view of the bigger picture that is external, impartial, and objective. That comes from the perspective of experienced consultants. As experts in your sector, we believe that our role is to help you to see things more clearly and to define your objectives as you tackle complex decisions and draw up your strategic plans.

The valuable view from the outside

Our understanding of good consulting goes much further than just offering advice. As experts in your sector, our objective is to help you to become more productive, cost-efficient, and sustainable. But this is only possible if we sit together around the table. Intensely exchange ideas. Examine your figures. And present complex information in a clear and comprehensible way. We take the time to understand your company, your objectives, and your challenges from first principles, in order to develop bespoke solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Our guiding principle is to keep our core promise of putting your interests before ours. Such an approach demands honesty, authenticity, discretion. And the ability to ask difficult questions, to identify blind spots, and to clearly and comprehensively communicate alternative solutions.

Our consulting services are based on:

  •  our profound understanding of your sector
  •  our holistic view of your value chain
  •  our solid knowhow and experience regarding technologies and their implementation
  • our broad knowledge of the implementation of sustainability strategies and standards
  • a consideration of your individual situation and specific needs

Our consulting projects

As consultants in your field, we see it as our job to help you gain clarity and define goals when it comes to complex decisions and strategic planning.

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Berief Food has been developing plant-based products from regional raw materials in Beckum for more than 35 years.

Bernd Eßer, CEO of Berief Food GmbH about foodfab:

“Foodfab understands our production processes and is visionary in thinking them ahead.”

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