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The food industry is facing significant challenges: while established companies are tasked with maintaining their production infrastructure and adapting it to changing requirements, startups are developing new food concepts and establishing their own production facilities.

For both groups, it is essential to consider the future development of their companies. In this regard, a strategic management tool comes to the rescue: the master plan for the development of existing production and building infrastructure or the utilization of strategic land reserves for new construction.

The master plan as the basis for layout and design

Why it is worthwhile to develop a master plan, ideally in parallel with an upcoming infrastructure project?

Our experience has shown that when there is no forward-looking plan for the optimal use of your spaces and the optimization of your processes preceding your corporate strategy, it can lead to time and financial constraints. Even for brownfield projects, we at foodfab advise: Start early to explore expansion possibilities for your operation. The ideal time to demonstrate development and growth opportunities is precisely when you aren’t yet considering expansion.

A master plan answers these questions:

  • What potential does your property, your operation, your building have?
  • How can you gradually utilize this potential for your core process in the coming years?
  • What are the expected financial results of your planned investment (Return on Investment)?
  • How much space do you need to implement your investment and growth strategy?
  • Where can you consolidate without disrupting the existing operation?
  • Where can you expand without compromising future expansion opportunities?

This is how a master plan is created.

Building upon your entrepreneurial vision and strategy, we analyze and document your project or existing operation.

We incorporate the findings of our analysis and the operational and process strategy developed in collaboration with you for production and logistics into the master plan for your property. We always consider medium- and long-term new construction and expansions in our planning. We make the most of existing buildings and infrastructure, only renovating and adapting them where processes need to be reorganized to align with future goals. The master plan developed in this manner can then be implemented in stages, and as practical experience has shown, even while the operation is ongoing.

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Jürgen Mäder, CEO of Edeka-Süd-West on foodfab:

“The master plan by foodfab was pivotal for us at Edeka-Süd-West. It clearly demonstrated that, for the implementation of our corporate strategy, it would be more efficient to strategically consolidate and merge the existing assets of two production facilities rather than creating new spaces. This decision-making foundation was extremely valuable to us.”

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