Consulting and Planning for the Food Processing Facilities of Tomorrow

foodfab advises and supports you as you implement your corporate strategy in efficient and sustainable plants and buildings that are fit for the future.

A good factory delivers what it promises: economic production processes, low operating costs, and optimal product quality.

But you and we are aware that globalization, climate change, and evolving eating habits are presenting the food industry with huge new challenges. Conventional processing and planning approaches are no longer enough.
A factory that is going to be successful over the long term now combines commercial success with eco-social responsibility. It creates an agreeable working environment for employees, avoids emissions and the waste of resources, and is flexible enough to be able to react swiftly to the requirements of the markets of tomorrow.

This vision drives us forward. Let’s shape this transformation together and make your factory fit for the challenges of the future!

foodfab Beratungs- und Planungsleistungen für Lebensmittelbetriebe

Our understanding.

Your future.

With over 50 years’ experience of advising many of Europe’s most successful food companies, we know what it’s all about.

On the basis of a profound understanding of processes derived from over 350 realized projects, we address your specific challenges.

We always plan from the inside out. Because the key requirement for a building for the food industry is that it supports the operating technology – and not vice versa.

And our focus? That’s you: your objectives, your visions. We realize these together in efficient, sustainable, and flexible plants and buildings.

Designed to meet the latest technical standards and conceived to offer maximum efficiency, safety, and sustainability: Build upon our accumulated expertise in the area of meat and sausage production facilities.


From the first basic concept via integrated machinery and building design to the implementation on the ground – we are your expert partner for the design and realization of every sort of milk processing facility.

The versatile factory: Benefit from our extensive experience of transferring knowhow from meat and milk production facilities and enter the growing market for plant-based alternative sources of protein

Michael Trautwein CEO foodfab

Interdisciplinary Expertise.

Interdisciplinary expertise. Excellent results.

The desire to design and build even better food processing facilities. And the opportunity to do so in a way that shapes our environment sustainably and sets a responsible example for the next generation. This is what drives us forward.

But such a challenge is not a task for ordinary consultants. It requires the interdisciplinary cooperation of all the experts involved in the planning process. As consultants in your sector, and as experienced architects and engineers, we know that things look different, depending upon one’s point of view. But this change of perspective is our daily bread. It is the essence of integrated process and building planning and it helps us to listen to and learn from each other. In order to find the best solution. And with added value for the client, the users, and the environment.

The key to the energy-efficient, zero-emission food processing facility is specialist advice, followed by integrated design with BIM. Because we are only successful when we work together.

Contact us and let us design your factory of the future together!

What we do for you

Our consulting services

We optimize your production processes using the latest technology.

We plan your complete flows of goods and materials using state-of-the-art processing facilities.

We make optimal use of your spatial capacities and organize machinery and plant in an efficient and process-oriented way.

We plan your intra-logistical processes for optimal internal efficiency.

We shape the routes and traffic flows in your facility in order to optimize ergonomic solutions, productivity, workplace safety, and efficiency.

We draw up a bespoke hygiene concept for you in line with the latest legal guidelines and the highest sector-specific standards.

We prepare a comprehensive evaluation of your cost structures, investments, and expected yields.

We define your spatial requirements in the light of your visionary corporate strategy.

We plan your building as a digital twin in Building Information Modeling (BIM) long before it is built.


We make a sound selection of suitable technologies and integrate them into your production process in order to guarantee the optimal use of resources, shortened production times, and perfect product quality.

Our three pillars for your long-term success

We understand your strategy before we plan.

A new building is often the only solution. But sometimes it isn’t. For a lot of reasons. Without careful analysis and conscious consideration of the objectives that you want to achieve with the changes to your plant or buildings, these could result in delays and financial bottlenecks.

This is why we listen, understand, analyze, and advise before we begin with the realization. Because no project is like any other.

We plan with a vision.

Flexibility is the top priority. Especially in times like these. This is why all our concepts are lifecycle-oriented, modular, and focused on the future. They facilitate flexible expansion, conversion, and upgrading.

Because our projects are planned for the long-term, cost-efficient, and crisis-proof. Because no time is like any other.

We plan holistically.

Network rather than patchwork: We offer you operational, process, and building planning from a single source. Our Integrated Design with Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides smooth processes and fewer interfaces. From the masterplan to the completed food processing facility.

Because we have access to the interdisciplinary knowhow of over 1,500 enthusiastic architects and engineers. Because we are part of the successful, Europe-wide ATP Group.

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