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Why is careful process planning so decisively important to your food processing facility? Very simple: It guarantees efficient processes and ensures that you are able to meet the highest safety, quality, and hygiene standards. A precise analysis of your production and logistics processes enables us to develop bespoke solutions that (better) meet the requirements of your core process.

An efficient food company lives from its efficient processes. The more agility and flexibility that you can show in adapting your production and logistics processes to today’s volatile market conditions, the greater the success and sustainability that your facility will enjoy tomorrow. This is why we plan from the inside out. Architecture follows function and not the other way round. For maximum flexibility. We think about medium- and long-term development opportunities and potential expansion and conversion from the planning perspective. The flows of material and personnel that interweave in our concepts are organized to be fit for the future. With a focus on three aspects: linearity, modularity, and expandability.

foodfab process planning at Edeka Rheinstetten

The ideal process in your food production facility is:

  • linear but expandable in a modular way
  • free of any crossovers
  • automated
  • energy-efficient
  • cost-efficient 

… and delivers …

  • constantly high levels of safety and machine utilization
  • uncompromising quality and hygiene standards
  • technical flexibility, whenever and wherever this is needed

Efficient, climate-friendly, and economical

Our objective is to offer you a linear process that can be expanded in a modular way and that enables you to flexibly adapt your production capacity and react with appropriate speed to fluctuations in the market. In doing this, we pay special attention to guarantee flows that are free of all crossovers and avoid bottlenecks and delays. In addition to this, we also focus on the use of automation technologies – in order to ensure the high efficiency, optimized cost-effectiveness, and maximum precision of your processes.

Our forward-looking process planning for the food industry concentrates on the delivery of energy-efficient solutions. We pay great attention to lowering energy consumption and using renewable sources of energy, in order to both reduce the burden on the environment and work with the maximum cost-efficiency.

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Hans-Ewald Reinert, CEO of InFamily Foods, about foodfab:

“Thanks to foodfab, we have been able to adapt our production operations to permanently changing market requirements.”

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