We are foodfab

A functioning food production today must be able to develop at the highest ecological level, the highest quality for those products that are most important to us of all products. This is what we are committed to.

What drives us forward?  “We provide bespoke plant and buildings that make the food industry fit for the future.” This is our vision.

What does this mean for you? “We strive for innovative solutions that perfectly combine quality, efficiency, sustainability, and security for future generations.”

How do we do this? “We translate corporate strategies into processes and buildings that are efficient, sustainable, and offer security to future generations.” This is our mission.

What does this mean for you? We understand your needs and develop bespoke concepts that create the perfect balance between ecological, social, and economic aspects. Our expertise and engagement enable us to contribute to the responsible and sustainable shaping of your business and your food processing facilities


Michael Trautwein

Managing Partner

"A building that is planned correctly offers huge potential for making savings during the subsequent, sustainable operating phase."

Michael Trautwein has realized countless food processing facilities during a career lasting over 35 years. He employs his enormous expertise about production, processing, and distribution processes in his role as Managing Director of foodfab GmbH. Successfully! Because foodfab, which has offices in Munich and Innsbruck, is one of the leading consulting companies for food processing companies in Central Europe.

Our values

Which principles guide us in this work?

We strive for long-term relationships with our clients based on partnership and, above all, mutual trust. Therefore, we act openly, honestly, with integrity and transparently in all our actions and decisions.

We are passionate about finding sustainable solutions to avoid negative impacts of food production on the environment while promoting the well-being of employees and the community.

We are inquisitive and invest in the training and further education of our employees in order to recognize opportunities and challenges at an early stage and to be able to respond to the changes in the food market and society in a visionary, flexible and innovative manner.

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ATP sustain von foodfab
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Network rather than patchwork

The clients who come to us as one of Europe’s leading food industry consultants also enjoy another decisive advantage: We are embedded in an integrated design office with over 1,500 architects and engineers.

With the backing of a strong partner – our parent company ATP architects engineers – we at foodfab can offer a specialist integrated process and building design service to the food industry that is unique in Europe. This distinguishes us significantly from our competitors.

Integral design

With over 1,500 employees in its current total of 13 offices, ATP architects engineers is Europe’s leading integrated design office. However, the special feature of ATP is not (only) its size, but also the way in which we design the buildings of tomorrow. Because at ATP we work digitally and across disciplinary borders – as a team of young and experienced process technology consultants, together with experts in the fields of architecture and structural and building services engineering.
How does this help you? If all branches of engineering are working together under one roof, the interfaces between these individual disciplines become highly integrated intersections.
The result is a seamless design produced from a single source, which will make a huge contribution to improving the outcome of your project. We can say this with complete conviction.

Take responsibility

It is especially important to us that production facilities for the food industry are designed and built in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Our planning process takes a lifecycle-oriented approach to the processes and the building, in order to minimize waste and save resources. In doing this, we promote the use of environmentally-friendly materials and focus on renewable energies, because these not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also ensure the long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your entire operation.

Why is this important to us? The objective of the European Green Deal is to ensure that Europe is the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This is a huge challenge, but also presents the entire food industry with a unique opportunity to improve our built environment. Such changes require commitment, dedication, and solid expertise. We at foodfab and ATP architects and engineers have already anchored all these requirements in our own ATP Green Deal. This is how we – together with all our clients – are accepting our responsibility for the future.

foodfab for a climate-neutral food industry