Suttero | Bazenheid | CH

Suttero | Bazenheid | CH

Suttero, Bazenheid, CH

Fresh meat processing plant


The Suttero plant in Bazenheid is one of the most modern fresh meat processing centers in Switzerland. Ernst Sutter AG focuses its entire processing and refining of fresh meat in one location. The building concept and technical installations were implemented so the linear material flow direction and thus an efficient production process are always guaranteed.

Another focus has been placed on maximum energy efficiency: the building complies with the minimum energy (Minergy) standard, has a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system, and recovers 75% of the energy generated from cooling.


Project data

Client Ernst Sutter AG
Location Bazenheid, CH
Gross floor area 18.594 m2
Gross volume 148.917 m3
Commencement of construction 03/2009
Total completion 12/2011