Rauch | Widnau | CH

Rauch | Widnau | CH

Rauch, Widnau, CH

Fruit juice production and logistics


This project involved the planning and realization of the new production location in Widnau, Switzerland.

A production and warehouse building was built in several stages on the basis of a master plan. The high-rack shelving can accommodate a total of 36,400 pallets; storage and removal is fully automated. Roller conveyor lines are used for the rapid transport of goods to the respective truck ramps as well as to the railway.

Project data

Client Rauch Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co
Location Widnau, Schweiz
Start of construction phase 1 09/2004
Completion phase 1 05/2006
Completion phase 2 12/2007
Completion phase 3 06/2009
Completion phase 4 06/2012
Gross floor area 40.300 m2
Gross volume 593.000 m3