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  • Alpenmetzgerei - MPREIS | Völs | AT


Bakery Therese Mölk and alpine dairy


For the MPREIS Warenvertriebs GmbH in Völs near Innsbruck, a complex with two production buildings was built: on the one hand the bakery and pastry shop, on the other the meat and sausage product production. Both buildings are connected by a technical body, which also comprises the respective administrative areas.

In addition to the integration of two different production areas, the building complex has a few technical features. This includes, among other things, the inclusion of alternative energies, an in-house combined heat and power unit, as well as the installation of a heat exchanger between the bakery and the meat processing plant, which covers about 75% of the required annual heat demand.

The entire building complex was planned in an integral planning process with BIM (Building Information Modeling). Not only architecture, load-bearing and technical building equipment, but also the entire machine planning were combined in a single central data model.


Project data

Client MPREIS Warenvertriebs GmbH
Location Innsbruck-Völs, Österreich
Commencement of construction 04/2012
Total completion 05/2013
Gross floor area 28.526 m2
Gross volume 173.710 m3