Kugler Feinkost | Parsdorf | DE

Kugler Feinkost | Parsdorf | DE

Kugler Feinkost, Parsdorf, DE

Delicatessen production


The new factory was created on the basis of a master plan developed by foodfab together with the client. For example, in an interdisciplinary planning process, a model factory for delicatessen products was developed that meets the highest design and technical specifications.

Already during the conceptual phase, the entire complex was defined as a dynamic skeleton of a constantly evolving production organism. All areas can be expanded by almost double their current area in order to meet future requirements at any time.

The project is distinguished by a successful combination of modern, process-optimized production facilities and a representative office building with a generous factory sales area. This linking of production, administration and sales allows particularly close production-related relationships and promotes communication between all employees.


Project data

Client Kugler Feinkost GmbH
Location Parsdorf b. München, DE
Commencement of construction 05/2013
Total completion 08/2014
Gross floor area 11.491 m2
Gross volume 89.991 m3