NAMET | Düzce | TUR

NAMET | Düzce | TUR


Sausage production

Integrated design for a sausage production facility on a site covering 195,000 m². Options for enlarging the plant at a later date were already incorporated in the masterplan. The entire production area with the exception of the deboning area is organized for two-shift production. A total of 350 tons of foodstuffs will be produced in the plant every day.

The main entrance, together with the works canteen and the shop for the 1,600 employees, is located to the southwest of the production area and is connected directly with the social area via a bridge that ensures the separation of people and trucks.

In order to meet the strict hygiene requirements the flow of personnel is designed in such a way that the many different product groups and the accompanying travel paths do not cross. The same standards also apply to the optimally linear flow of materials and the clear separation between hygienic and unclean areas.

The sausage production facility has a total of four different zones:

  • Delicatessen products (sausages)
  • Convenience (doner kebabs, cooked meatballs, and soups)
  • Offal processing
  • Deboning (fresh meet)


Project data

Location Düzce, TUR
Commencement of construction 03/2018
Total completion 01/2022
Gross floor area 95.000 m2
Gross volume 860.000 m3