Hörtnagl | Hall i. Tirol | AT

Hörtnagl | Hall i. Tirol | AT

Hörtnagl, Hall i. Tyrol, AT

Sausage and meat production


The existing Hörtnagl meat factory in Hall in Tyrol was expanded by a new production hall during ongoing operations. This includes state-of-the-art production facilities for fully automatic slicing and packaging of high-quality meat and sausage products.

Offices are linked directly to the production area and a publicly accessible snack area with a welcoming atmosphere. The concept is rounded off by the high-quality architectural design, which underlines the manufacturing character of the company and the quality of the Hörtnagl products.


Project data

Client Andrä Hörtnagl Produktion und Handel GmbH
Location Hall i. Tyrol, AT
Commencement of construction 07/2013
Total completion 03/2014
Gross floor area ca. 2.374 m2
Gross volume ca. 12.248 m3