Rauch | Nüziders | AT

Rauch | Nüziders | AT

Rauch, Nüziders, AT

Fruit juice production and logistics


Drinks are produced and stored at the Nüziders location. The first part of the complex contains the production lines for RAUCH fruit juices. Connected to it are a fully automatic high-rack shelving with approx. 33,600 euro pallet spaces, an outgoing goods storage for RAUCH fruit juices as well as all the necessary pre-zones and logistics areas indoors and outdoors.

During the conception of the total plant, the main planning focus was on highly efficient in-house product flows. This is ensured by, among other things, the connection of all building parts by means of conveyor bridges and the use of the latest conveyor and transport technology.


Project data

Client Rauch Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co
Location Nüziders, AT
Commencement of construction 07/2001
Total completion 03/2002
Commissioning 04/2002
Gross floor area 9.000 m2
Gross volume 184.400 m3