EDEKA | Rheinstetten | DE

EDEKA | Rheinstetten | DE
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  • Fleisch- und Wurstwarenproduktion mit angeschlossenem Logistikzentrum - EDEKA | Rheinstetten | DE

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  • Verarbeitung - EDEKA | Rheinstetten | DE

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EDEKA, Rheinstetten, DE

Meat and sausage production with a connected logistics center


This project involved the design of a new location for EDEKA, with the aim of consolidating several existing production sites into one location. The result is a very modern set up for production of meat and sausage products by foodfab, with a connected, highly efficient logistics center.

During the master planning and implementation of this company, a wealth of experience gained over decades in the area of ​​food production equipment was used. The layout of meat and sausage production is designed in such a way that all product lines go through a linear, continuous production path in which the product reaches an increased level of processing. Short distances between production and logistics areas ensure fast and efficient flow of goods.


Project data

Client EDEKA Südwestfleisch GmbH
Location Rheinstetten, Deutschland
Gross floor area ca. 50.000 m²
Gross volume ca. 550.000 m3
Masterplan 2006
Commencement of construction 07/2009
Total completion 04/2012