Darbo | Stans | AT

Darbo | Stans | AT

Darbo, Stans, AT

Jam production and logistics


With the company Darbo, the largest jam and honey maker in Austria, we can look back on a successful cooperation since 1989. At the Stans / Tyrol operating site, high-rack, deep-freeze, picking storage as well as a production hall including auxiliary buildings have been newly built and expanded continuously in five construction stages.

The master planning as well as the conception of all production and logistics areas was carried out in close coordination with the customer.

Project data

Location Stans, AT
Gross floor area 150.000 m3
Commencement of construction 1989
Total completion 1989 – 2004
Awards Österreichischer Staatspreis in Gold, 1992
Honourable Mention “Der Mensch im Raum” – AK Tirol