B+C Tönnies | Rheda und Weissenfels | DE

B+C Tönnies | Rheda und Weissenfels | DE
  • Verwaltungs- und Sozialgebaeude für die Tönnies Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG der ATP Architekten und Ingenieure, Offenbach

B+C Tönnies, Rheda und Weissenfels, DE

Slaughterhouse and fresh meat cutting plant


On the outskirts of Rheda (North Rhine-Westphalia), a “quality-production plant” was developed on an 18-hectare, undeveloped site for a master plan.

The complex comprises several individual buildings separated by function. The slaughtering system includes the stables as well as all necessary ancillary equipment. The fresh meat cutting operation fulfills the most modern working and hygienic standards and ensures the safe, efficient flow of goods. The deep-frozen high-bay warehouse with 10,000 pallet places is directly connected to the cutting operation and ensures short transport distances. Other buildings include social areas and offices.

During the course of the construction, production was transferred from existing sites phase by phase to the new site. At the same time, an expansion of the existing slaughter and cutting plant was implemented in Weissenfels (Saxony-Anhalt).


Project data

Client B+C Tönnies FW GmbH
Location Rheda und Weissenfels, DE
Gross floor area 60.000 m2
Gross volume 221.000 m3
Commencement of construction 1990
Total completion 1991